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Over the years there has been endless research about the best types of food for runners to eat, as well as the timing of food prior to exercise. This page is dedicated to handy nutritional and training tips. Let us know what you have discovered over the years - we all know it’s trial and error when it comes to finding what works for each of us.
Lynda has diet sheets which are very handy in outlining the types of food we should be eating, and the recommended frequencies we should be eating it. Just ask if you would like copies.  






Eating tips



For emergency food supplies, check out the fruit bars in the babies section in the supermarket. There are lots of sugar-free bars with oats and fruit variations. Easy to carry and easy to eat whilst on the go.
Practice eating at different times before you run. Think about what you eat before you go; some things might settle better in your stomach than others. Here’s what and when some of our club members do prior to running:
Carl: Not much a few hours before training runs. I tend to stick to toasted rolls with a little bit of jam. Sometimes a banana.
Carmen: As a hypoglycaemic, I need to eat a lot before training, otherwise I just ‘run out’ of food. It depends on how far I’m running: sometimes wholemeal toast and sugar-free jam, other times tuna and wholemeal pasta. I’ve always eaten something within an hour before running.






Jelly Babies!



I’m sure we’ve all seen people with jelly babies attached to numbers on race days: for long runs/races this seems particularly popular. Plus biting the head off a little green man after an hour or so of running will always be satisfying. For those of you who can’t manage the sugar, a natural version is dried apricots (although too many may result in a dash to the nearest bush!).




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